Rigth now i cant post much because i have just my Handy for pics and the camera is crashed:( But ill get a new phone and the camera is veery goood :D
Bye bye :) Anny


my B-day Ijust writingI

Today i write a little bit about my Birthday(25.1.) and i was in cologne :D
In the morning my Mom gave me a little postcard and it saysThat were going to a benefit beauty party in Cologne :D.After school ,we wanted to go by train , but we hadnt time to get a ticket for my mom .But in the train was a nice lady and we havent to pay much :Din Cologne we were in the Asia gourmet my favorite food place in Cologne:) iT was yummy ,then we where at lush (do you want a haul?) .And im totaly into lush ,im a Lushie :D i dont use plastic bags any more and want to be nice to the earth :D Yes im crazy :D it was totally cool there and a shopassiant liked my spiked combat boots(post pretty little things).Then we were at this Party and the Guy at benefit was totally nice and made a fantastic makeup(do you want an haul?) In the train back home i read my fav magazine INSTYLE and enyojed it soo much ,after that me and my parents went into an spain restaurant .We ate Tapas . Then i went bed :D and ate cookies and drank tea .D

Do you want to see my December/ January  favorites?
And i want to greet my friends :D And whats funny my nickname is annie .since im a chield but my friends dicsovered my blog and my friends name is annie and theyre saying imitating her :D
xoxoxoxox annie
and im going to the hairdressers tomorrow .. be suprised im only saying bye bye blondie....


B-day wishes

I get 13 on the 25th so I'll tell you my wishes .(from left to right)
1.Maybe a lipgloss by mac or something like this :)
2.I really want an iphone and a cute case for it !
3Flowers are always good.
4.I would love to have some LUSH products.
5.I love Chocolate.
6.A studded barcelet .I really want to get the one by bik bok by marianna ,but they only ship to Sweden and Finland :(
7.cute earings are always fine ♥
xoxo Annie Sparkle


Yay! Im back!

with five Outfits inspirations !
Most of the Clothes are by designers,but they are just inspirations .I don't own them .
 I pimped it up with a expensive bag and laquered high heels.You can also wear sneakers.
                                              C'est la vie,Paris
                                                      I just love pink and beige ,it looks so romantic :D
                                                      Let's get in da Club
                                                         Its al around burgundy and black.I ♥ this combination
                                                           Spring in Central Park
                                                    This isn't for everyday ,but very fashion :D
                                                     Hipster vs Romantic Girly
                                                    This was a little inspiration :D
                                                     xoxo Sparkle