Yay! Im back!

with five Outfits inspirations !
Most of the Clothes are by designers,but they are just inspirations .I don't own them .
 I pimped it up with a expensive bag and laquered high heels.You can also wear sneakers.
                                              C'est la vie,Paris
                                                      I just love pink and beige ,it looks so romantic :D
                                                      Let's get in da Club
                                                         Its al around burgundy and black.I ♥ this combination
                                                           Spring in Central Park
                                                    This isn't for everyday ,but very fashion :D
                                                     Hipster vs Romantic Girly
                                                    This was a little inspiration :D
                                                     xoxo Sparkle

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  1. Ich glaube, du bist auf dem richtigen Weg. Orientiere dich doch mal an anderen Blogs und versuch es mal mit einer besseren Kamera für eine bessere Auflösung und Qualität. :)