my B-day Ijust writingI

Today i write a little bit about my Birthday(25.1.) and i was in cologne :D
In the morning my Mom gave me a little postcard and it saysThat were going to a benefit beauty party in Cologne :D.After school ,we wanted to go by train , but we hadnt time to get a ticket for my mom .But in the train was a nice lady and we havent to pay much :Din Cologne we were in the Asia gourmet my favorite food place in Cologne:) iT was yummy ,then we where at lush (do you want a haul?) .And im totaly into lush ,im a Lushie :D i dont use plastic bags any more and want to be nice to the earth :D Yes im crazy :D it was totally cool there and a shopassiant liked my spiked combat boots(post pretty little things).Then we were at this Party and the Guy at benefit was totally nice and made a fantastic makeup(do you want an haul?) In the train back home i read my fav magazine INSTYLE and enyojed it soo much ,after that me and my parents went into an spain restaurant .We ate Tapas . Then i went bed :D and ate cookies and drank tea .D

Do you want to see my December/ January  favorites?
And i want to greet my friends :D And whats funny my nickname is annie .since im a chield but my friends dicsovered my blog and my friends name is annie and theyre saying imitating her :D
xoxoxoxox annie
and im going to the hairdressers tomorrow .. be suprised im only saying bye bye blondie....

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